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A woman using the NeckTek for the first time to eliminate neck pain
A woman happy to order online her NeckTek to get rid of her neck pain and postural headaches
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What is NeckTek

NeckTek is an Australian innovative neck exerciser developed and patented by Alex Sherborne.  It includes a pain treatment protocol and exercise program to strengthen the muscles of the neck.

The NeckTek is small, portable and affordable. It can help to both ease and prevent head and neck pain. It was developed particularly for people with neck pain or headaches caused by overuse of technology- commonly called "Tech Neck".

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Product review by Graceville Physiotherapy

Frequently Asked Questions about NeckTek
Graceville Physiotherapy was established in 1990 servicing the local communities of Graceville, Sherwood, Corinda and Chelmer
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Reviews from customers who use NeckTek for their Neck Pain

"When you are in pain the last thing you want to do is exercise"

"Physiotherapists and other medical practitioners often face the dilemma of the non-compliant client. Many people just want to be fixed without any particular effort or input on their part- people like me. I don't really want to take responsibility for my posture or the pain from holding it poorly. This is perfect for me."

"I have been using Necktek for more than a year now. I have only done the exercise from the beginners routine a few times in that year, yet I try to use Necktek every day (i succeed 3 times a week). When I lie down and start to relax into the band, I can feel my pain and tension slowly disappear. I like to just lie there for five to fifteen minutes. It works whether I exercise in it or not."

Cramps and spasms

"When my neck feels cramped or I have a spasm in one of my neck muscles,
I push the Necktek a little further away from myself, and give myself gentle traction as I rest."

Jaw tightness

"When I find myself clenching my jaw or grinding my teeth, I lie in the Necktek, let my jaw fall open a little and place the tip of my tongue on the roof of my mouth, just behind my front teeth. This allows my jaw to naturally relax back into position as I relax."

At the first signs of a headache...

"I just lie in the Necktek, relax and wait until the headache pain starts to unravel and disappear. Sometimes this may take twenty minutes and needs to be repeated every few hours until the tension has eased. I just try to keep my shoulders down and my spine straight as I rest. I will sometimes do the eye exercises from the beginners exercise routine."

"Using Necktek as I rest, has kept me off painkillers and pain-free for a year. I'm sure the exercises are very effective and it would probably be in my best interests to start doing them..., but the Necktek works without me having to and I'm quite happy with that arrangement"  Elizabeth Tattersall

 "I don't only like NeckTek. I own one and use it regularly and it helps me no end!!! I can't recommend this highly enough. Congratulations to my Physio extraordinaire Alex Sherborne" Tanya Lee

 "I've been using mine for about 15 minutes a day for a week and a half now, and really notice the difference. Pain reduced immensely. Thanks, NeckTek team !" Karen Russet

A woman with neck cramps and tight jaw that probably needs NeckTek
A woman with first signs of headache who probably needs NeckTek
A happy woman without neck pain or postural headaches thanks to NeckTek
A woman able to play with her kid because NeckTek helped her to relief her neck pain


About us

NeckTek​'s prototype was developed in 2012 by Alex Sherborne. He made the original model in his back garden to help a patient. If there had been something like it on the market, he would have purchased it.

In researching the problem, he found many positive studies on neck exercise, but no portable product that served the purpose.

He and his wife put their heads together to make a safe, portable, durable device that could be used to both gently exercise and ease neck pain. Soon after, they realised it worked even if you just lay on it- the unstable surface creates micro movements in the neck muscles.

It has been patented and sold through physiotherapy practices since 2015.
A woman using NeckTek to relief her neck pain caused by an incorrect body posture


We are an Australian family business focused on health and quality of life.

Our mission: to promote neck health and strength through simple regular exercise.

To help people whose daily posture creates tension headaches and neck pain. To develop a simple, portable device and a routine of exercise that can counteract the daily build up of stress. To create an affordable and effective treatment to prevent and correct cervicothoracic kyphosis or Dowagers Hump.

Necktek is part of Sherborne Pty. Ltd which has traded since 2002 as a successful health and design partnership.

Alex Sherborne is an established Sydney Physiotherapist with over 30 years clinical experience nationally and internationally. His post-graduate studies and interests are in treating and preventing lifestyle-acquired spinal conditions. Elizabeth Sherborne studied at the East Sydney School of Visual Arts and received a Diploma in Design. She studied further in London and has worked in art and design internationally. They have collaborated on several projects.


NeckTek is a registered trademark
Registered design number 15658/2014
Australian patent 2015100025
US patent published
Alex Sherborne and Liz Sherborne owners of NeckTek an Australian family business focused on health and quality of life

Neck pain studies

Peer review study on muscle activity and pain levels in females with cronic pain
Teenager using NeckTek to help with neck pain caused by the overuse of smartphone
Peer review study on the measurement of craneovertebral angle

Muscle activity and pain levels in females with chronic neck pain

Effect of assistive device for neck retraction

Measurement of craneovertebral angle

The purpose of this study was to develop an assistive device for neck retraction and to investigate its effectivness
Relationship of forward head posture and cervical backward bending to neck pain
Comparing muscle activity and pain levels of females with chronic neck pain receiving different exercise programmes
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NeckTek's Social Responsibility

NeckTek believes that prevention is better than cure in many areas of life.

A percentage of all profits from NeckTek support clean water initiatives in the Pacific islands.

Contaminated water is one of the greatest contributors to child mortality in the developing world.

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